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Smart Manufacturing System Design

Our Belief

Our Belief-Vision

To make enterprises more trusting and relying on robots; we have been working hard to improve the ability of robots for polishing and buffing, so as to develop a variety of robots to keep workers away from dangerous, repetitive and boring work, so that workers can be safe and happy; the goal is to improve our clients’ product production efficiency, consistent quality, and do not have to face the dilemma of militarized management, labor shortages, severance, and evolve into an enterprise of the future through man-machine collaboration.

We offer the ability for real-time performance tracking, dynamic tracking 2/3D measurement robot, 3D welding robot, 3D grinding and polishing robot, 3D painting robot.

Become your trusted and dependent partner.

About Us

Founded in 2014, we are a smart manufacturing system design company that integrates the application of numerous patented technologies. We understand the critical problems for the industry and have the technology to solve the dilemmas that has prevented industries from achieving true industry 4.0

About us
Core Values

Our Core Values

Integration of multiple technology applications 

Forward-thinking technological R&D 

Accelerate the industry into the era of Industry 4.0


Our Technology

2D/3D Inspection
Automatic robot path generation

2D/3D AOI inspection, can be customized to meet customer needs.

Self-developed software system with the ability for real-time path modification to achieve fast, efficient and precise requirements for robot’s path.

Welding Robot


Our fully automatic welding robot system have the abilities to set parameters for every single welding point, monitor the workpiece error and correct it in real time.

Robot path generation, workpiece appearance inspection, workpiece color inspection, specifications confirmation.

Industry Application


Plumbing Hardware

  • a.Grinding

  • b.Polishing


Precision Casting

  • a.3D Grinding and Polishing

  • b.3D Assembly inspection

  • c.3D Automatic Calibration


Wind Power

  • a.3D Wind Turbine Grinding and Polishing

  • b.3D Testing

  • a.Buffing
    - Shoe Upper 
    - Shoe outsole  


  • b.Glue Spraying/Prime Spraying
    - Shoe Upper   
    - Shoe outsole


  • c.Aurora System
    - Replace Buffing       
    - Replace Primer 


  • d.Shoe Assembly     



  • a.3D Grinding and Polishing

  • b.3D Testing

  • c.Automatic Welding

  • d.3D Automatic Calibration


Bicycle Industry

  • a.3D Welding
    - Frame Welding


  • b.3D Testing
    - Frame Measurement


  • c.3D Automatic Calibration
    - Frame Calibration
    - Big Data Collection
    - AI Calibration


  • d.3D Grinding and Polishing
    - Frame Polishing


  • e.3D Spray Coating
    - Frame spray coating


Ultra-Thin Glass (under 210um)

Strengthening, Cutting, AOI/AI Inspection

  • a.Precision laser cutting high tempered glass

  • b.AR

  • c.WLP, CSP Cutting, Micro Scratch Detection


Contact Us

9F.-1, No. 258, Liancheng Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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